Is buying a firearm online legal?
Yes. The monetary transaction is made via the internet but the firearm MUST be picked-up from a certified FFL dealer. Firearms CANNOT be shipped to your home.

I live outside of Texas--How do I buy a firearm from Web-Armory.com?
First make sure it is legal for you to possess the firearm or accessory in your State/County/City. The easiest way is to call your local gun dealer and ask. You can also call your local police department. If its legal, then proceed to order the firearm from our site. When you get to "SHIPPING METHOD" click "FLATE RATE". In the "Special Instructions" Box, enter 1.) the business name, 2.) the physical address, and 3.) the telephone number of the FFL dealer/ Gun Store that is nearest you---Once we verify that they are a Licensed FFL Dealer, the firearm will shipped to this location for you to pick up! You will fill out an ATF form 4473 and have a NICS background check performed at this location.

Can I buy a gun for a friend or relative?
No. This action is considered a "Straw Purchase" and is illegal in the United States. Whomever purchases the firearm online will be required to pick-up the firearm from the certified FFL dealer. In short, the person who's named on the credit card used to purchase the firearm must be the one who picks up the firearm, fills out ATF form 4473 and receives the NICS background check.

Can I buy a gun and have my wife or child pick it up?
No. Again, this is considered a "Straw Purchase".

What is an FFL?
FFL is an abbreviation for "Federal Firearms License". It is generally used to define a licensee (individual or business) that can legally ship/receive/ and sell firearms to the public. Firearms are ONLY be shipped to FFL's. 

What if I buy a firearm and then fail the NICS background check when I try to pick it up?
If you fail a NICS background check, chances are that you know before hand that you will fail it. If you have a criminal record--don't even think about buying a gun from Web-Armory.com. If you still try, you will not be given the firearm and you will be banned from this site. You will be refunded for your "purchase" but we will retain 25% of the transaction total to cover additional fees and expenses. DON'T DO IT!

I live in the Houston area-Can I buy a firearm online and pick it up at your storefront?
Yes! Pay for your firearm online and make sure you click the "STORE PICK UP" button under "SHIPPING METHOD". Please include 1.) your phone number and 2.) your email address so that we can contact you when your items arrive at our store!

Will you ship firearms to countries other than the USA?

Who is Web-Armory.com?
We are a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) located in sunny Stafford, TX (Fort Bend County)!

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